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Five Weird Cat Breeds

  1. The sphynx cat is one of the strangest cat breeds there is. The sphynx cat is distinguished by the fact that it is completely hairless. Its wrinkled skin is totally exposed. There are other bald cat breeds, but the sphynx cat is one of the rarest, having been bred in Canada from the 1960s. Hairlessness is a natural mutation in cats, and the sphynx cat breed traces its lineage back to a single hairless kitten, which was mated with its mother to create more. That one hairless kitten was named Prune, and, together with a few other hairless mutants, formed the foundation of the breed, which features on a great many animal t shirts.

  2. The Devon Rex is a very strange-looking breed, known for its gnomish face and large, fennec-like ears. The Devon Rex is traceable to the British county of Devonshire in the 1950s. The Devon Rex has a long, thin neck. They are known to be very amiable and play well with other pets as well as children. The Devon Rex is a medium-sized breed with a short to medium coat. They are also known for their voracious appetite and tendency to eat everything that is put in front of them. They are also known for their cuddly dispositions.

  3. The Japanese bobtail is a very unique breed. Most cats, as you well know, have a long tail. The tails come in different lengths, but is, generally, an appreciable fraction of the cat’s body length. In the case of this breed, however, the tail is so short that it resembles the tail of a rabbit! Their legs are shaped a little differently from those of other cats. The back legs on a Japanese bobtail are a tad bit longer than the front ones, so they have a “hopping” gait almost like that of a rabbit.

  4. The savannah cat is a fascinating breed. Cats are originally native to Africa, having first been domesticated in ancient Egypt. There is more than one cat species native to Africa. One of those cat species is the serval, a creature with coloration similar to a leopard or jaguar or cheetah. The savannah cat is a cross-breed between the serval and the domestic cat. It keeps some of the serval’s coloration when this happens, giving this breed an exotic look and feel. There are different kinds of savannah cats, depending on how many generations it has been since the line was crossed with a serval.

  5. The strangest breed on this list by far is the teacup Persian. The teacup Persian is not a true breed of cat, per se. It is, rather, a scion of the Persian breed that has been bred to be as small as possible. This is very controversial. Similar to certain breeds of dog, such as the pug, teacup Persians face a myriad of health problems. This is because a breed can only become so small before it runs into the limits of what cat anatomy is capable of. Much as pugs experience sinus problems due to the way the breed’s face is structured, teacup Persians face a number of health problems due to their size.


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